Rainbow Sponge with fresh cream

as usual, It's been ages since i've last updated anything. this time i'm going to share an alteration of a classic sponge recipe that (so far) has always worked for me.

The sponge recipe- i got it off a friend who (i think) got it off an alex goh recipe.

120g caster sugar
10g ovallete
4 medium sized eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence or any flavour
120g flour (low protien@cake flour@super fine flour)
20mls water
20mls melted butter @ corn oil


  1. beat caster sugar, ovallete and eggs until light and fluffy. this may take around 5 minutes or more even when using an electric stand mixer with a whisk attachment.
  2. mix in the vanilla essence @ desired flavour.
  3. sift the flour and add it in small batches to egg and sugar mix, alternating with small amounts of the water. do not over mix, mix only enough to combine ingredients- alternately you can fold in the flour in water with a spatula to prevent overmixing.
  4. lastly fold in the oil or melted butter.
  5. to create the rainbow layers, divide the mixture into as many colours that you want to. I did four because i didn't want the layers to be to thin - it would make handling the cake harder.
  6. mix in the desired colours, try not to overmix.
  7. if baking the whole sponge, i would usually leave it for about 40 min - 50 min in a 180C oven (no fan) or 160 with fan.
  8. for baking layers, i'd leave it for about 15-20 mins, same temperature.
  9. once baked, remove from tin and cool. cooled layers can then be iced.

ideas for icing the cake
  • fresh whipped cream - sweetened with icing sugar or not, which ever you prefer
  • cream cheese icing
  • butter cream
  • choc ganache

i like to leave the rainbow layers exposed on the outside, so you can see the layers without cutting the cake.

sewing projects while i've been away from my blog

more and more time was spent on sewing, and one month later, less and less time was spent on sewing. motive? none.

spent a week or so end of april sewing appliance covers- toaster, grill, kettle, for a friend. used the same fabric as before: the cherry cord fabric, so not really worth any pictures. only to say that i'm now more confident to sew any size cover given the correct measurements.
with some excess material (because i was charging her based on the price of the meterial) i made some pot holders.

sometime before that i also made my mom a k-mix cover

i also worked tediously on my most prized quilting project. finally after more then a month of hand quilting (seriously, it took me that long!) it was done! there was a huge sigh of relief when i was done, people were getting tired of seeing the same thing on my lap everytime i sat down. however, i haven't come around to taking afinished picture. instead i'll put up a picture of the patchwork-in-the-making

also made an oven mitt with extra fabric (husband was giving me looks for buying fabric, despite still having many more leftovers in sewing box.)

and i also made a nappy wallet on one fine afternoon. prize possession in handbag. goes everywhere with me.

also, i tried my hand at crayon rolls. made the first for my own daughter (not as successful as wished) and later made another two as birthday presents. (don't have a pic of 1st or second though)

other then that, i've been baking (very little) and have a few good photos. i promise that i will update recipes sometime soon.

till then

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